Coexistence, Feasibility and Regulatory Studies

In the process of making an investment, there may be several situations in which the construction of your building interferes with existing electrical networks (overhead or underground), on the ground or in its vicinity, for which the following types of projects must be carried out:

Coexistence studies – aim to establish the conditions of coexistence between the building and the existing electrical installations or other types of installations and electrical installations.
The result of the coexistence study most of the times establishes the conditions or commitments of the investor in order to respect the minimum normed distances or the protection and / or safety corridors as well as the fire safety conditions.

If these requirements cannot be met, the following are required:

Feasibility studies – in which the electrical works to be performed are established (SLE protection, doubling of air network insulation, SLE / OHL diversion or even relocation of lines or post transformer) necessary in order to finally be able to make the desired investment.

Regulatory studies  both those for electricity supply and those for solar renewable energy systems or energy in cogeneration system (electric - thermal) are the studies for the investor who wants a budget estimate as close as possible to reality and a brief presentation of the technical solution.