Measuring and revisions

On the principle that it is easier to prevent than to treat, our prophylaxis services make the electrical installations you are currently owning work in an optimal state of operation.

Among the types of measurements performed we mention:

Prophylactic electric cable measurements

Industrial electrical system revisions

Prophylactic measurements of transformation posts
Revision of overhead transformation stations and interior power stations
Earth plate measurements (dispersion resistance)
Thermography of electrical installations and equipment (specific analyzes and reports)
According to the norms in force, prophylactic measurements of the type of dispersion resistance measurements and prophylactic measurements at the transformation stations are made annually and are mandatory.

Toate măsurătorile, analizele şi verificările efectuate de noi vor fi însoţite de buletine de verificare şi rapoarte de încercare, conform reglementarilor în vigoare.