About us

Founded in 2001 in Brasov, Bluel offers high quality products and services in the field of designing of low, medium and high voltage electrical installations and of execution of low and medium voltage electrical installations of any type: residential - personal & collective dwellings, or industrial - halls, showrooms, warehouses.

From the very beginning, the founders have imposed high quality standards, building a credible, prompt and efficient company.

Using state-of-the-art facility equipment and authorized personnel, the Bluel team delivers promptly and professionally the highest level of indoor electrical installations for any kind of civil or industrial construction. Because more and more buildings have been damaged lately, Bluel Professionals are supplying and installing building protection systems, whether it's a home, company headquarters, hotel, school or block.

Bluel designs and manufactures electrical or underground electrical connections for consumers, including transformer stations with nominal voltage up to 20kV.

Other services worth mentioning are prophylactic cable measurements, earthing measurements and revisions for transformation stations and also technical solutions for both backup supplying (generating sets) and for energy costs reduction.

In the field of residential automation, Bluel provides its customers with gate automation systems that adapt precisely to specific needs or unique projects. The company also provides the necessary advice in choosing a product that is compatible with the customer's wishes, ensuring delivery and installation in the shortest possible time.

Braşov, St. Emil Racoviţă nr. 81

Phone: 0268 422 147

Email: info@bluel.ro